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Raised Round Feeder

Raised Round Bale Feeder

Our most popular feeder, made from 25nb hot dipped pipe, inside dia 1830mm. Allows bale to be held off ground, less wastage, especially in wet conditions.

Double Raised Feeder

Designed for more bulk feeding, the double raised feeder will comfortably take 2 round bales, or the larger big squares.

Ring Feeder

Ring Feeder

Made from 25nb Hot Dipped pipe, inside dia is 1830mm, 2nd ring at 600mm, top of hoops 1000mm.

Square Feeder

Specifically made for larder square bales. inside measurements, 2400mm x 1400mm, can be galv plat bottom or welded mesh bottom.

Trailer Feeder

2 sizes: 3m x 800mm culvert or 6m x 800mm culvert. Full hubs and stubs. No single bearings.